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Robbins Gioia Finds New Opportunities in Technology Transfer

November 11, 2016 | Marjorie Censer

Robbins Gioia, known for program management and IT services work, is expanding its work in other areas, including technology transfer efforts meant to help move innovative products into the government market.

Andrew Robinson, named Robbins Gioia's chief executive last month, told Inside Defense in an interview that the company has been approached by outside companies, including private-equity firms and small companies, that are seeking help getting their innovative technology to the government.

Robbins Gioia last year purchased the revenue growth and opportunity management business unit of Capital Edge Consulting, which Robinson said has bolstered this work.

With that acquisition in place, the company has "really been embracing [technology transfer work] the past nine months," he added.

He said, in some cases, Robbins Gioia is taking an equity stake in a company in exchange for its technology transfer efforts.

Robinson said he couldn't speak about most of the projects underway, but pointed to a technology meant to address post-traumatic stress disorder. The company's solution also has other potential applications, Robinson said.

More broadly, he said he's seeking to position Robbins Gioia as a player in helping federal agencies who want to embrace a culture of innovation.

Robinson, who joined Robbins Gioia as chief operations officer earlier this year, previously was an executive at ICF International.

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