GSA Professional Services Schedule



The GSA Professional Services Schedule combines GSA Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services Schedule (MOBIS) and Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD). The Professional Services Schedule allows federal agencies to use one schedule to procure expert consulting and technology assistance as well as comprehensive logistics solutions.

Robbins Gioia's Services & Capabilities

Robbins Gioia (RG) develops, integrates, and delivers balanced logistics management solutions, blending an effective and appropriate mix of people, processes, tools, and technologies that help drive supply chain and logistic system programs. RG helps clients improve business supply chains, create logistics system modernization, stabilize business processes, and enhance operation efficiency. Capabilities in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Deployment & Depot Maintenance Support
  • Resource Management
  • Requirements Development/Identification
  • Education and Training
  • Business Transformation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Solution Recommendations
  • Data Analysis
  • Metric Measurement Development
  • Preventative Maintenance and Planning Support

Further, as management and technology consultants, RG’s proven solutions drive results by focusing on performance management that measures and documents the outcomes of an organization's initiatives. RG bases its methodologies on program/project management disciplines and help organizations optimize their business processes. RG helps organizations accelerate change and establish time, cost, and quality improvements. RG's services and capabilities under the Consolidated Schedule include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Performance-based Management
  • Requirements Definition
  • Human Capital Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Capital Investment Process Implementation

The Consolidated schedule includes hourly labor services in support of several Special Item Numbers (SINs). RG can help any organization determine whether the products and services it needs are available through this contract vehicle.