Are your core systems running out of time?

Are your core systems running out of time?

There is no shortage of reasons to transform core systems

A changing regulatory environment. Evolving customer expectations. Obsolete technology and an aging workforce supporting it. Integrating a new operation post-acquisition. Launching new products. There are many reasons for a company to consider modernizing the core systems that drive its business. Yet, each can initiate a major transformation that begins with information technology and, ultimately, changes fundamental aspects of the enterprise.

A holistic approach to transformation

Robbins Gioia approaches core systems transformation from a holistic perspective that considers not just the information technology questions, but also addresses the process, workforce, and change management challenges inherent in these initiatives (Figure 1). Our approach merges intensive requirements management, enterprise architecture expertise, disciplined program management, and practical change management experience. RG's integrated solution for core systems transformation dramatically reduces risks—both technical and organizational—for businesses tackling this challenge, and accelerates the ability to achieve their goals.

Figure 1: Core Systems Transformation