Defense and National Security

For 35 years, Robbins Gioia's (RG) professionals have been an integral part of our nation's defense and national security through our collaborative efforts and hands-on approach with our customers. Understanding that there has never been a greater emphasis on cost, schedule, and performance, RG and the Department of Defense are increasing efficiencies while reducing costs with an unprecedented focus on outcomes and mission capability.

A Partner in Our Nation's Defense

Our core competencies and experience in program management, portfolio analysis, as well as systems development, enables customers to achieve future goals, mitigate risk, and realize cost savings while ensuring mission success and sustainability:

  • Supporting the Armed Forces with our program management solutions, RG works at both the operational-level and depot-level to ensure the accurate and timely maintenance, repair, and overhaul of front line equipment, data systems, and weapon systems.
  • An active partner with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for 20 years, RG's portfolio analysis and planning solution continues to aid in the alignment of resources to priority mission capabilities and the prioritization of major programs against constrained resources.
  • RG strives to maintain and improve the current operating status of its customers; building on its experience and using its system development and product maturity solution, we provide sustainment and development in software infrastructure to reduce IT spending, enable easier migration to future architectures, and manage a client's overall IT strategy.

Pivoting to the Future

As our global climate evolves, RG is working tirelessly to anticipate and provide the solutions that will be necessary for our country's Department of Defense's continued innovation and improvement. With our comprehensive information management solution and a strategic focus onintelligence based cyber security, RG professionals are using the critical tools and processes to bring about that transformation and make our customers successful.