Financial Services

"Disruption" seems to be the buzzword of the year for financial services. Paradigms in insurance, banking, and financial management continue to shift, and the impact of the digital world upon these industries continues to grow. In the not-so-distant past, the bulk of the financial services industry has been stable and slow to change. But when disruption occurs in this arena, it can be cataclysmic, as we are all now painfully aware. How can businesses deal with, endure through, and even thrive in conditions of constant disruption?

Robbins Gioia (RG) would argue that a clear understanding of one's operating environment, strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, along with a deep understanding of an organization's risk tolerance and risk profile can serve to prepare that organization to deal effectively and even beneficially with disruption.

RG has deep expertise in enterprise architecture, enterprise business analysis, program and project management, and cyber security, among other areas of competence. One of RG's key strengths is the ability to fashion a solution specifically customized to each client's need, using our time-tested capabilities and services. We often assist our clients to see their challenges in a new light, offering them the opportunity to address issues that range beyond the immediate issue at hand. Our goal is to ensure success for our clients, as well as to deliver value beyond the duration of our client work.

The following case studies outline some of the ways in which we have enabled our clients to succeed.

  • Positioning a client for the introduction of a disruptive new product.
  • Disrupting the pattern of "buy the big box solution and then fail."
  • Enabling a client to develop a disruptive understanding of their own business.
  • Disrupting the evolution of process complexity.